Monday, 4 March 2013

The Army Museum, Port Dickson - 2 Mar 2013

Port Dickson looked like a bustling military town on this day. We saw many army trucks and jeeps as well as light armoured vehicles on the roads. Banners and buntings dotted the streets announcing the celebration of the 80th years of service of the armed forces. There was a carnival-like atmosphere along the beaches with many activities lined up. 

We spotted a new coat of bright red paint at the army museum in town with an open day banner. It's our first time at the museum and we're not sure whether it's a new property or they've done a good job cos everything was spruced up. We're used to the idea of soldiers in combat fields but here we saw many soldiers having good time with their families and friends.

A memorial fountain dedicated to soldiers who have died in wars. 

Various decommissioned military vehicles including armoured vehicles and artillery guns.

This place reminded us of the RMAF museum which allowed us hands-on access to the military vehicles. 

A steam locomotive named Alor Gajah!

Various military aircraft and helicopters

Quite obvious the boys were enjoying themselves. There's also a small trail with mini rope bridges for the kids.

We're surprised to even find a mock up tunnel of the type used by the communists during the Emergency. Inside these tunnels, there were many exhibits showing how the bandits slept, ate, treated wounds and illnesses, have their meetings and carried out target practice (could not imagine the noise!). 

The heat was unbearable. There were many galleries indoor you could chill out whilst looking at the army through the ages. But for the boys, they could not have enough of the outdoor military showpieces.

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