Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Kids in the City - 9 Mar 2013

Come March, there's so much happenings in the city and we do not even need to go far.  

A small exhibition on Japanese handmade wooden doll, called "Kokeshi" at the Petaling Jaya Museum until 25 April 2013. We went to a cultural workshop organised by the Japanese Foundation KL along with the exhibition. There're origami sessions but we didn't manage to join, a demo on how to wear yukata and another demo on how to play with the traditional Japanese toys. We thought that 'toys' would better relate to kids in learning about other culture.

Everything about the Japanese is so exquisite and artistic, whether it's the papers for origami, toys or yukata (ie a simplified version of the more exotic kimono). You could not miss the Japanese way of 'folding', which you could see it in origami as well as in folding clothes. The art of 'folding' also influences their architecture and rituals of every day life. 

If you do not know about Kokeshi, they are the traditional folk toys. This exhibition shows not only the traditional ones but also the creative Kokeshi, as a result of new developments emerging from that tradition.

Even toys could not hold him back from the playground.

Family Fun Day at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, KLCC. 
It's something that the kids really look forward to. From only RM102 per person, we could enjoy 6 orchestra concerts for the year. Here's the troop at the MPO's Musical Magic concert. After the concert, there was an autograph session with the conductor and magician. These informal weekend concerts are accompanied by live performance specially designed to captivate children of all ages and offer a better understanding of the orchestra. 

Check out the KLCC's Galeri Petronas when you're in KLCC. We're happy to bump into 'The Art of Architecture' exhibition by Foster & Partners, which is the firm behind many iconic structures around the world. The exhibition is full of little models and who does not like a model! It's like Lego to kids. And you have almost 50 of Foster's best works under one roof. I've never heard of them before, but I do recognise some of the skyscrapers like the HSBC buildings, the Beijing International Airport, the Millennium Bridge in London and the Millau Viaduct in France, the new German parliament Reichstag, airports, museums, stadiums, universities, etc as well as our local ones - IB Tower, Mont Kiara, Troika, Petronas university, etc.

New landmark in KL - IB Tower

 Foster put more thoughts on the sustainability concept in its integrated designs, with clever use of natural systems of lighting and ventilation and design of public spaces. Unfortunately no photography is allowed in the gallery, which speaks volumes about its works (you can see some great pictures here). You can visit the exhibition from now until 12 May at Galeri Petronas, KLCC. Entrance is free. 

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