Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Belum: Sg Enam Base Camp Waterfall - 29 May 2013

A nice rapid for fishing and to have a dip in the cool water

Close to nature - rock climbing, did the rock look like it's cut into two?, observing the butterflies and insects... shoes got stuck in the soft sand & washed away.

Not the best time for hornbill sightings, which is common here between August to October every year. We saw 3 hornbills while cruising, and their nests in the tree holes.

Kampung orang asli (above) We're unable to visit the aboriginal villages this trip cos they're quarantined recently due to the spread of leprosy but we saw a few orang asli while cruising (below).

Entrance to Sg Enam Base Camp Waterfall - not the best waterfall here but suitable for all ages. Very rich in flora and fauna. We enjoyed trekking to the waterfall the most.

HUGE trunk

Cool and clear water with many fishes and even freshwater crab. Beware of the blood thirsty leeches!!

A practical casing for 12x hard boiled eggs. Good for picnic.

Jin trying his hands in fishing. There's hardly anyone and very relaxing. Kids could explore around and there's always something new. 
Picture perfect Belum.... 

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