Friday, 28 June 2013

Recipe to beat the haze - 24 June 2013

Everyone's talking about the haze last week. It shrouded KL so suddenly though expectedly cos we've seen it coming from the southern part. This was not as severe as the haze crisis in 1997, but who knows? We're expecting much drier weather for a few more months and the forest fires are still burning in Sumatra. For my boys, this was their 1st experience, the air was thick with haze and the sky was forever gloomy and dull. There's no school for a day, after that, 'it's up to parents to decide', said the ed-ministry! 

The boys picked up a few lessons; some new terms like the API and cloud-seeding; the southwest wind; where's Sumatra; an appreciation of clear blue sky, rainy days and fresh air; it's not nice to stay indoors for so many days and gotta wear a face mask when it's so hot.

We can't tell how this haze is going to develop, but I can tell when my house is gonna turn to a crisis centre if we keep getting in each other's way.  The haze has an effect on our appetite, cos we've so much cooking to do for so many of us, including our visitors. What better way to channel the boys' energy than helping out in meal and snack preparation. 

Brandon was assembling his own birthday cake, he wanted an ice-cream cake (for the 2nd or 3rd year already). The prep was as much fun to him as eating the cake. He helped himself to the extra cookies and marshmallows, licked the ice cream bowl, and made a mess in the kitchen.

Hands on in the kitchen!

We missed the 'Supermoon', which was covered by the haze, so Jin made it up with this perfect round banana pancake!

Preparing baguette for toasting with our homemade herb butter (ie parsley, butter, seasoning and lemon (optional)).

Having a blast making sushi.

Making salad fun for kids - playing/washing with water, cutting into shapes and sizes, taking the salad spinner for a spin, making own dressings and finally, tossing the salad & serve. It's the easiest and a complete lesson in meal prep.

Nothing beats the homemade beef burgers!

Keep the kid busy by sauteing the mushrooms!

Making caramel popcorns for supper at night!! It's the fastest & simplest snack for anytime of the day.

Eating popcorns with pleasure. Don't let this picture fool you - the house was still a war zone the whole week. But it's better than griping over the haze which we have no control.

Happy 7th birthday to Brandon! 'You can have your cake & eat it too!'

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