Sunday, 9 June 2013

International Museum Day - 18 May 2013

Ever heard of the International Museum Day? It's our first time visiting the KL National Museum during an event like this. Free entrance to the museum between 17-19 May 2013 and there're other participating museums throughout Malaysia too. Some programmes were lined up during this time but there was little publicity about it.

Launch of International Museum Day 2013

We joined the free English guided tour that's run by volunteers. A pity not many visitors were even aware of the free tours in different languages and we've '3' guides for our family alone! The guides were passionate and patient, even with young kids. It's more fun learning history this way - listening and looking at the exhibits instead of reading from some text books. 

This was the highlight - the ORIGINAL "Perak Man" that was excavated in the Lenggong region. We didn't expect this find, and thought all the while the original was in the Lenggong museum in Perak! We're even planning a visit to Lenggong museum since we'll pass by that place on our way to Belum, Perak.

A good collection of stone tools and the clay pottery.

Guide sharing with us the legend of the famous warrior, Hang Tuah.

A replica of the tin dredge used for tin mining, something we could identify cos we've been to the real one in Perak.

more museums...... a great collection of exotic insects at the modern, 2-storey Museum of Nature at Precinct 15, Putrajaya. 

To know the difference between frogs and toads...

 A poisonous frog

... 'ugly as a toad'

Could you spot the frog with a horn?

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