Thursday, 23 April 2015

Adventure Sports camp -10-12 April 2015

Posted by Xian Wei

This year, I joined an Adventure Sports camp for 3 days, also organised by Radiant Retreats. This is a level 2 camp, just before the Wilderness Skills Camp under the Bronze Category. This time there were about 16 participants. We were divided unevenly into 3 groups.

 Rope Climbing...Our first lesson of the camp. The ropes blistered my hands..

After that, we went river trekking at Kg. Chemperoh again, but this time we went further upstream.

In the midst of river trekking, we also did river crossing because the water was deep there.

When we finished, we were totally drenched... But the water activities weren't over yet! We went for rafting after that and did river tubing there.

It was really fun... By then the water activities were over. It was time to go back to the campsite... The next day, we did basic abseiling.

Next, we did map reading. We were asked to draw our dream island.

The top left corner is my team, top right corner is the Psycho Panda's and bottom left is the Pandorina's. We had a great time doing this. Up next was treasure hunting! It was a test to see how much we know about using compasses.

 It was really fun and challenging for me, as I have only learnt how to use a compass on that day. After that, we learnt about First Aid, what to do for insect or snake bite.

If you were wondering what the people in the background were doing, they were pillow fighting...
Then, it was PAINTBALL TIME!!

Like I said, it was really fun, because I experienced this before and knew what to do. It was soon the end of the day. We went back to the campsite, settled down and slept in tents. The next day, the last day of camp, we went to Skytrex in Shah Alam.

I really had a great time there. I would certainly go there again if I'm allowed. I missed the new friends I've made. I hope I am able to go back again.

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