Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cameron Highlands - 31/1 - 3/2

In recent years, Cameron Highlands has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. We haven't been to this highland like for more than 7 years. This highland, surrounded by mountains and lush valleys, is the size of Singapore. It's one of those places we can go for a cool respite from the heat. We drove past the tea plantations, and they looked exactly like what we remembered years ago. Hopefully other parts of CH would be the same, despite what we read in the news.

The OMF Bungalow, an old colonial bungalow near Tanah Rata - looked like a different world hidden in the mountains. It was very windy, and COOL. We couldn't have enough of the cool, fresh, mountain air. Breathing in until every cell in our bodies was filled with the sweet, refreshing, clean air. We didn't expect at Tanah Rata, the temperature was at 15 Celcius daytime, and even lower at night.

A beautiful, well-maintained garden with rose bushes. It was simple, yet spacious so that we could spend so much time playing outdoor.

Football mania all day long. 
Just because it's colder in the mountains, they got carried away and got sunburn!

 Purestream got talents! A brilliant way to discover some hidden performing talents!

The prodigal son returned home! With this - the boys were rewarded with a cool "Ukulele"!! 

Well-fed by the caretakers cum awesome cooks - their homemade scones, jams and free flow of shortbread were just too good to resist!

The outdoor time was so needed to burn off the calories.

It was the best R&R we had for a long time. Words just could not describe the time we had together like a big family. Count our blessings that we still have a place like this so near home.

We've a short tour around CH. We dropped by one of the many strawberry farms along the winding road. The boys tried their hands at picking some fresh strawberries.

We're quite impressed with the display gallery at this bee museum. Lotsa information and exhibits of various species of bees and honeycombs.

We're glad that we have our retreat at OMF first before the tour around CH. All along the way from Brinchang to Tringkap, we saw massive and indiscriminate land clearing for farming and extensive use of plastic canopies for the farms. The air was stale with chemical-laden scent. It's in such a sad state.

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