Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Four-legged Escape Artist - 12 Apr 2015

Posted by Brandon

Cookie, a Miniature Pinscher that joined our family. She is black and brown with a white dot on her forehead. When we got her, she shivered because she was very scared. Minature Pinscher is a one-person dog (Only close to one member in the family). Day one with Cookie was challenging. She was whining at night and waking all of us including the neighbours. I started to train her to follow me since it is a one-person dog. She started to follow me from the backyard all the way to the car porch and it worked! She started to trust me more when I play with her.

The next day, I taught her to walk on the grass. She was scared to walk on the grass at first but she slowly built up courage. She started to walk on the grass and trot when I ran. I was so happy. We bought her a cage, a water bottle and a bowl. One time when I sat on the mat, she went on me and slept on my lap. I was so surprised but I had to wait for two hours because she slept on me.

I trained her how to stand, sit and not to get distracted from rubbish. I trained her many more stuff. She was quite active when we got her. We realize that we must not scare her if not, she may poop or pee on the floor. She is small and active and can be a great escape artist so we had to put the netting on the gate or else she may go out. I hope she will one day be a treasure to us and be my companion.

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