Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Healthy Start - 17 Jan 2015

We're very unfit. Some of us are slightly better, but still lacking in stamina. So we decided as a family that we should do something. Hiking may be good for the boys, but may not be so good for our old knees. The older boys, together with their father, tried out Bukit Apek, which is near our place. It's good for beginners, we heard, yet still challenging with many trails. We're beginners, and the first thing we have to overcome is, our discipline to get up early :(( We're still trying, not so much success, but a start (hehe).

There're a few entry points to the hill, this one is from Jalan Awana 23, Taman Segar Perdana, Cheras - a famous landmark is the dessert & drinks stall just before the entry point.

This place is very popular with the locals, young and old.

The initial trails were very steep, so a walking stick is advisable. Thanks to the big trees and the lush green growth, the hike was cool and shady!

There're a few pit stops like this one, where there're benches, free water refill and drinks for sale and some DIY exercise equipment. People are friendly, mostly from the surrounding neighbourhoods, and regulars -  more like a social hiking group.

Beautiful trees and connected to nature.... as of the time of writing, I have not yet attempted any hiking there. Daddy and the older boys went there for a few 'recce' hikes. Soon, I will be able to give a better perspective from a busy, lazy SAHM.

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