Thursday, 31 December 2015

Chào bạn Vietnam!! Dec17~Dec23

Written by Xian Wei

When I heard that we were going to Vietnam, I knew that it was going to be an exciting trip. We were going to Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, the old city name, for 7 days.  The weather forecast was around 23~25'C but when we arrived it was 30+'C! So much for bringing jeans... We stayed in a 4-star hotel called Paragon Saigon hotel, next to many other hotels.

We went to many must-go sites, like the Ben Thanh market, War Remnants museum, The Post Office(Bưu điện), Notre Dame Cathedral, Mekong Delta etc. There were many French architecture because the country was colonized by France for 100 years, But now it's a communist country.

A common sight in the city- the messy electrical wires! Whoever who manages to 'organize' the mess into a systematic order should be elected as mayor. I hope it doesn't make one go


One of the most memorable things I enjoyed in Vietnam was the food. Their food is very simple but delicious. Examples are the phở (beef noodle soup), rice cakes and spring rolls. The Vietnam War(1955~1975) has influenced the preparation and the style of the food. Other than Vietnamese cuisines we ate at French and Italian restaurants, a new experience for our tastebuds. 

Vietnamese people are very fit and they love to exercise. Every night The Square at Le Loi Street will be bursting with life. People everywhere taking selfies, performing dances or playing musical instruments or even singing! 

Besides that, the most exciting parts in Vietnam is crossing the road. It might sound a little bit weird but trying to cross the road, especially roundabouts, with few traffic lights is tremendously scary. Even on a one-way road there are vehicles coming from both sides. But don't worry, although there were few traffic lights, there were rarely any accidents at all. 

These are only some of the activities and places we've been. I really enjoyed being in Vietnam, especially their cuisines. I also admire the Vietnamese's perseverance for their hardships after the war... It was the war that changed everything: traditions, culture and their lifestyle....

Desperate vendors......

The man trying to sell his "one-of-a-kind" sunglasses...

I am very thankful that I visited Ho Chi Minh city this time because in the years to come it would be a very different and modern city. Even now, the city is developing so fast, with the construction of the new subway station underway. Sadly, the next time I visit Vietnam things won't be the same. When you go to Vietnam, savour every moment and sights you see.

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