Thursday, 31 December 2015

Grief - 12 Dec 2015

After battling with his physical conditions for two full years, my father succumbed to his illness on Dec 7 in the wee hours of the morning - in the hospital. None of the family was present at that time. It happened fast, and he was gone to be with the Lord.

In these two years as one of the caretakers, I was so indebted to HUKM KL and Hospis Malaysia. No words can describe my gratitude to the staffs who've labored there, taking care of aged patients with life-limiting illnesses.

My late father was a regular patient at HUKM especially in the last two years. From the parking attendant to the ward nurses, we exchanged casual conversations cos of familiarity. One thing I learned from the hospital visits - waiting. Wait for a car park, registration, appointments, medical tests, check-up, pharmacy, discharge, etc. The Emergency was always overcrowded. The wards were always full. The queue was always too long. During those times, I observed the medical and support staff at work. I saw there's really a never-ending stream of patients with all sorts of ailments, and they tried hard to make sure everyone has a chance to the medical care and treatment without prejudice. No matter what's the time and day, what type of needs, emergency or an admission or a check up, the hospital staff and medical teams will always be there to serve round the clock. Once I apologised to a ward nurse cos my late father was loud and noisy. Her comforting words still lingered in my mind, and she's so familiar with all her patients. The surgical team who operated on my late father on New Year's day with such quick response and attentiveness, the colostomy nurse who spent time and efforts to help us, the rehabilitation therapist on feeding skills, the ICU staff nurse, the friendly parking attendant - these were faces in my mind. Thank you to all of you at HUKM. 

I didn't have any experience with Hospis before. When my late father first had a major surgery, we're so lost with the post-operations care at home. He also has many subsequent hospital visits. During this time, we're grateful he became a patient of the palliative home care under Hospis. They provided everything immediately, eg a hospital bed with an air mattress, oxygen tank, other necessary equipment, physiotherapy as and when needed, etc. Their response time was unbelievably fast. Most precious of all was the home care provided by Hospis nurse and staff. They're always there, helping and supporting my late father and his caretakers. They've been a pillar of strength to my mom and myself these last two years. We did not have to pay for the services - and yet they provided the very best to us. A very big thank you and my hat's off to them!

Contrary to popular belief about the current state of healthcare in Malaysia, we didn't spend a fortune in healthcare for my late father. Yet the services we received were above our expectation. Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation to all those who made a difference at HUKM KL and Hospis Malaysia. THANK YOU!!

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