Thursday, 31 December 2015

The force is strong on Cookie

Cookie was a nervous freak when she just joined our family in April 2015. It's a very timid dog, and it barked a lot especially when it's afraid. It's so hard to house train her and she hated to be confined. Cos of her agility and small size, she could jump over the fence easily. We're almost at our wit's end. After Cookie turned 'one', she's spayed on Dec 17 and stayed at the vet for 10 days. 

We noticed a turn around in her since then. She's much calmer and always ready for an exercise. She also keeps her crate clean and dry the whole night. She still barks a lot, but she doesn't pee and poop so often whenever she's afraid. She's beginning to be more aware of our commands and instructions too. We're happy of her changes, it keeps our sanity for the time being. 

"We gain some, we lose some" as the saying goes. We're proud of Cookie's progress, at the same time we lost Disney on Dec 29. The boys were saddened but we hope she found a much better home somehow.

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