Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cardboard 'Finger Soccer' - 1 Oct 2012

I don't know how the football craze hits my kids. Every chance they have, in- and outdoor, they'd play with the ball. Few months ago, they spoilt their last football, in their boredom, the kids made their first indoor cardboard football game! 

Digging out the cardboard boxes, toothpaste boxes etc....

Putting their football card collection to good use.....

Brandon called it the 'finger soccer' game!

See them in action in this video....

Hours of fun with this home-made game!!

..... complete with scoreboard too!


  1. Hi there, i was actually googling ard the internet to see what's the common name used for this cardboard footbal thingy. Its quite interesting to know someone else plays this as well.

    Now with a home printer and some heavy cardstock paper your kids can play with these and not sacrifice their trading cards. Currently i have EPL 2013-2014 team kits and im just starting out with some World Cup 2014 kits.

    Hope your kids continue playing these low tech fun games


  2. Hi,

    Great to see someone is still making these kind of games.
    I use to play this back in 1998 in school. World Cup Season :)

    Thanks a lot for sharing



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