Monday, 15 October 2012

Little Doctor in the House - 15 Oct 2012

Pretend Play: I set up this invitation in June. It's still very new to Brandon, but he liked to draw the wounds on the soft toys and make up illnesses or injury.

A day at the Doctor's office..... and his patients looked like in dire condition.

Doctor examining his patients

Brandon was really into pretend play - stitching back the head of Charlie.

Happy customers POST treatment. He was proud learning how to make an arm sling, and even I was not spared to be his patient.

In the beginning, I think he enjoyed billing and collecting money from his patients the most. After the initial few invitations to Doctor Play, he didn't touch his doctor kit for months. We left it as it was. Recently, he told us he wanted to play again. After we've observed he was more comfortable with the play, we set up a more challenging invitation for him!

A Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery!!

He watched the procedure in animation form on YouTube (what would we do without the internet!). Next, we decided which toy gotta be sacrificed for the procedure... Basically the patient was given the anaesthetic and a vein was harvested from the leg for the grafting. Prior to this I have hidden the heart  and vein inside the respective parts in Charlie. He was really enjoying it!!

A temporary oxygen machine whilst doctor was working on the heart and the graft...

The graft to create a new pathway for blood to flow to the heart was a SUCCESS! Now we have a healthy Charlie Brown brimming with happiness.

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