Tuesday, 9 October 2012

School of Curiosity - 9 Oct 2012

We have not deliberately taught Science to our kids. However, in some ways we hope to have instilled in our kids a sense of wonder of the world around them. 

Curiosity Rover Landing

An opportunity to talk about the space and beyond.....
We watched the live webcast of Curiosity rover landing on Mars in August. We could feel the tenseness and excitement of Nasa control room as the rover landed. 

Such a complicated exercise that required years of preparation....

The rover is expected to be in Mars for about 2 years to perform numerous testings and take pictures. We understood from the webcast that the Curiosity mission did not include alien-hunting! It's almost surreal to be able to receive HD colour images from Mars sent by the rover.

We wanted to make our version of the Rover but it ended up like a scorpion.

Paper Mache Solar System 

BASF Kids' Lab

This was the 2nd year our kids participated in BASF Kids' Lab - a chemistry education programme  by the German chemical company, BASF. 

Hands-on experiments to discover the world of chemistry through fun and safe chemical experiments, which, hopefully, might arouse their curiosity for science. The experiments for this year were:- how to make your own sunscreen lotion and discover which food has the highest vitamin C content. The response for this kind of programme was very good.

Backyard Science

Science helps us explain the world around us. At home, we learned the names of the plants and birds in our garden and spent time looking for the ladybugs, spiders, earthworms and grasshoppers (endless...). 

Young entomologists......

We have a rock garden in our backyard and our humble plant experiments. The boys tried to plant everything they could find - even a durian seed! 

We could go on a car trip and there's so much to point out - the clouds, animals, plants and flowers and crops growing on fields. 

Rabbit in the sky?

We kept messy collections of dried leaves, twigs and branches, rocks and stones, pinecones ..... we even have failed submarines in the toilet. 

I couldn't agree more that our everyday experience of the world around us is an invitation to question and explore and wonder.......

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