Thursday, 25 October 2012

Close Encounter @ K.Selangor - 20 Oct 2012

The Festival of Wings is initiated by the Malaysian Nature Society and it has gathered bird watchers and nature lovers alike for over a decade to Kuala Selangor wetlands. 

The beginning of the nature trail, which could be comfortably completed in 2.5 hours, but we've an express 'walk & run' in slightly over 1.5 hours - just in time to catch the river cruise. 

The view of the wetland from the watchtower.

Our guide, Li Ping who's a volunteer, explaining to us the man-made bund separating the mangrove forest in order to prevent the seawater from going inland

Can you spot the bulbul bird?

Can you spot the collared kingfisher?

Spotted only a heron and 2 honey buzzard eagles from the watchtower. 
Bottom 1st & 2nd pix: Tis is the vivipary from the mangrove tree, ie the young plant within the seed that grows first to break through the seed coat, then out of the fruit wall while still attached to the parent plant. They came in a variety of shapes and sizes, like long rods, balls, cigars or beans.

The mangrove breathing roots... mangrove trees breathe differently from most other plants.

Fascinated by the colours of  the fiddler crabs on the mud at low tide. These crabs got their name because of the oversized claw, which is fiddle-shaped! The male has the oversized claw to attract a mate and fight rivals.

Interesting combination of bluish to reddish specie?

The blue-turquoise fiddler crab. Their burrowing activities eg picking up the sediment and sifting them play an important role for the ecosystem.

The elevated boardwalk from the coastal bund to the seaward edge of the mangroves gave us a close up view of the creatures on the mud flat. First time we saw mud skippers everywhere - big and small. 
Bottom (left): We were told later that it's the droppings of civet, which could be made into the exotic expensive coffee Luwak.

On our way to Sasaran, a small and quiet fishing village nearby, for the river cruise. We saw tis masterpieces left behind from the Sasaran International Arts Festival 2011. 

Going to the boat for the river cruise. Low tide was the best time to see the birds because they would come down for the feeding. 

We're blessed with great sunny weather - wished we had brought the caps and sunblock.....

 High rise abode but no lift provided!

This stance must have inspired some kung fu moves....

A bountiful bird-watching feast indeed...

Kuala Selangor is an important stop over points for the migrating waders from the far north. It's not only watching the hundreds of birds that were fascinating. There were also various species, waterbirds to the migrating waders to raptors including the Brahminy kites, honey buzzard eagles, egrets, herons, storks (burung botak), redshanks, sandpipers and many more which we have no idea the species. It's simply magical and addictive to watch them swooping down the occasional prey and flapping wings as they fly in and out together.

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