Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Science Wonder - 3 Oct 2012

Sharing the sense of wonder and awe of the world around us is part of learning science. The local science centre is a good place to start learning science, and it has a library (3rd floor) with a good variety of science books for the children.

The laboratory at Pusat Sains Negara was impressive. It has an outdoor arboretum of living plants and flowers and some small animals, but most striking was the butterfly species there.

Breeding butterflies and other creepy crawlies......

Our experiment on this day was "Fish Anatomy". The facilitator was knowledgeable and the parents also benefited much from the programme. Each child was given a fish to observe and this got them really excited!! This was Brandon's first experience in a real science lab!

The children have to determine if temperature affects the movement of a fish's gill and mouth - poor fish...... the fish was almost motionless after we added an ice cube into the beaker, without hesitation, the kids returned the fish to the aquarium to keep them alive! We learned that we should not replace the cold water immediately else it could stress the fish and kill them.

Water quality experiment.....

We did a few experiments, but more importantly was not the results but that the children knew how to perform them independently.

Engaged kids.....seeing the hatching of a baby cockroach (top)

Back home, we've a story telling session, and did the props together - story: The Rainbow Fish - and with fresh ideas from the science centre!

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