Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Deutsche's Welcome - 23 Oct 2012

"Eye of the Sky" exhibition at the brand new complex of German-Malaysia Institute in Kajang. 

The exhibition consisted of 18 high-resolution images showing the transformation of the natural landscapes on earth. Kids were all ears when the host explained these images to them. These images were taken by modern satellites, capturing data digitally on a continuous basis, therefore helping to paint a detailed picture of the actual condition on earth. For example, they could identify the health of forests, reveal how much cities have encroached into the natural environment, display elevation profiles, ocean currents, glacier movements etc. 

A picture could speak a thousand words. Must be true cos the kids were so active asking so many questions  on the images. 

Following the exhibition, we were brought to two galleries showcasing the projects by the GMI students.

This modified Angklung attracted most attention from the younger kids. It's a musical instrument made of bamboo tubes atached to a bamboo frame, originated from Indonesia.

Some innovative inventions for the process instrumentation & control and manufacturing fields.

After an exposure to so many new and technical stuff, the kids could unwind with more fun activities. We were so grateful it was all arranged courtesy of the GMI hosts/students.

The kids were taught the German alphabets and how to sing a birthday song in German. But most memorable was the storytelling session in both German and English languages of the story "Hansel & Gretel".

The hosts were very generous and presented some souvenirs and a "Schultüte" (or school cone or sugar bag) to each kid. It's a tradition in Germany, when children set off for their first day in school, their parents will present them with a big cone decorated and filled with toys, sweets and other goodies, the cone that's as tall as the height of the child. It's given to make the children's first day at school a little bit sweeter.

Children were all smiles with their lovely GMI hosts/students

Here's one for the camera! "Danke"

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