Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A Climbing Gym - 30 Dec 2014

Indoor climbing gym is so popular especially during the school holidays, coupled with a prolonged rainy season. Kudos for the kids to be brave enough to take on rock climbing, though just a 1-hour taster session. On second thot, I don't think they could last longer than an hour :) Testing yourself against your limits can give a boost to your ego. They came out with great sense of accomplishment. It's exciting and challenging, it allows the boys to be focus in the moment, but first, they've to overcome some physical and mental barriers.....

'What!! Tis is just a warm up wall!'

 And the real climbing walls looked like these..... 

Testing yourself against your limits!

Very proud of the young ones especially!

Coming down was more scary than going up......

Climbing is also a balancing act.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider-Kids!

Hang in there, brother!

Lesson learnt : Don't look down.

Peak experiences
Don't know where this baby step will lead to. But it was an awesome Spidey-challenge!

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