Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Kiwanis Youth Camp - 11-15 Dec 2014

Posted by Xian Jin

I joined the Kiwanis Youth Camp again this year, since last year's camp had been a truly great experience. The theme was 'Learn, Live & Lead Together.' What I like about these sort of camps is that I can try something new, not just physical and endurance activities but also learning how to live up to our full potential.

This time, the campsite was in Dusun Eco Resort. Before we reached there, we visited a special needs centre. I could see that the camp participants were trying to interact with them, even though most of them were not familiar with the special needs people. I was touched to see that there were no barriers between us and the special needs people. We played telematches and had fun with them.

When I reached Dusun Eco Resort, I thought that it was very clean and spacious. I immediately felt at home. Some of us already knew each other so I just stuck around with the familiar faces.

After we were divided into groups, I felt sad because the rest of my team mates was new participants. I knew I should interact with new people rather than just staying with people I know. I cheered up after the ice breaking games and had a good night's sleep.

Morning exercise was fun and interesting at the same time. We danced and sang, at the same time preparing our bodies for the day's activities.

Paul, one of the facilitators who led us in many activities, only stayed with us for 3 1/2 days. I enjoyed his sessions the most and learned so much from him.

There were not as many outdoor activities as last year, but this year, the activities were more meaningful. There were serious and fun ones, individual and group ones. The activities changed how we think, from everyone wanting to win to helping other teams achieve their goals.

Sponge wars

Rope climbing

Obstacle course


It had been a totally different experience, and I definitely would consider registering for next year. I learned to work together with new people, even though we may not get along well at times.

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