Friday, 26 December 2014

One week in Bangkok - 17 Dec 2014

After an eventful, challenging year, we're ready and glad to go -- anywhere for a break, as long as we didn't have to spend too much time on planning. 'Bangkok' was quite a last minute decision. There's no need for long planning, and with short flight time and similar tropical weather as our country.

Boys were given first class treatment at the MAS lounge. They're excited to be escorted all the way past the immigration at the airport. 

We're pleasantly surprised by the weather. It's blue skies everyday when we're in Bangkok. Though it's sunny but the cool breeze was so comfortable and not humid. During the same period, it's raining cats and dogs every day in KL. We're so grateful for the great, wonderful weather.

Though it's last minute, we got a great deal at Bandara Suites Hotel @ Silom Road near to the skytrain and only 2 stops away from the shopping artery of modern Bangkok. Great for a family of 5, the suite was spacious and clean with hotel facility.

Tuk tuk ride was an experience in Bangkok!

The hotel provided free tuk-tuk service to the nearest BTS. Bangkok is so different from what I remembered about two decades ago. Many things were still as expected, ie crowded, noisy, traffic jams and polluted, but a major improvement was the public transportation. It's well-connected with so many modes of transport to cater to their over 10 millions population, ie - BTS skytrain, MRT underground, taxis everywhere, motorbike taxis, tuk-tuk, riverboat, buses, vans, trains, etc. 

"Back to the future" speed!

A lesson learned - to avoid the public transport during peak hours! Once, we got stuck in a taxi on a Friday evening for almost 2 hours! That experience changed our minds about going to the countryside. We could accept anywhere within a 100-km radar from Bangkok, anything beyond, would be too stressful...

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