Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sunset at Amphawa - 20 Dec 2014

  Boat ride at Mae Klong River

 Beautiful sunset

The boat stopped at the Amphawa jetty. We walked past the night market on the way to the floating market.

 The Amphawa night floating market is only available in the evening from Friday to Sunday.

The floating market has the atmosphere of a night market. There're more locals who came here for an eating spree. 

Customers enjoying their grilled seafood, sitting on rows of narrow steps leading down to the water and food is brought directly from the boats to the tiny tables.  

Along each side of the canal, there're old wooden shops selling all sorts of stuff. The narrow walkways in between the shops and canals were so crowded with people.

We didn't stay long at the floating market cos it's just impossible to walk. The atmosphere was like a typical night market, and very different from the Damnoen Saduak experience. Maybe we got tired of so many market trips in a day! The boatman brought us for a short tour to see fireflies before we headed back to the Nopparat Garden resort.

We spent the evening relaxing at the resort and enjoyed the cool breeze. Most of the guests were so engrossed watching the Malaysia vs Thailand football finals. When Malaysia was leading 3-0, it was so awkwardly quiet but the Thais were in a festive mood when their team finally won.

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