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'Day Floating Market' at Damnoen Saduak - 20 Dec 2014

Every morning, Damnoen Saduak canals are crowded with vendors and buyers floating in their rowing boats. This floating market is opened daily, whereas most others only from Friday to Sunday. It's not too far, about 100 km south of Bangkok or about 2 hours drive, making it the most popular amongst tourists. I don't think there's any locals who go there for buying or exchanging their goods. There are other more authentic, smaller floating markets nearby, which are still frequented by locals. However, Damnoen Saduak is still the most picture-perfect market.

Floating market used to be the meeting place for farmers to sell and buy as well as exchange their goods. Most of the farmers live along both sides of the canal. Today, we saw that the floating markets provide another kind of entertainment for tourists and photographers. Damnoen Saduak is like a happening place to showcase Bangkok street food and fruits.

 We've heard so much of the Boat Noodle but didn't dare to try it though!

The local fruits look so fresh and yummy!

This province is most famous for its sweet, refreshing coconuts. And in some places you can get it at only 10 baht each!

BBQ or grilling is the most common cooking style in many street foods, and it can be done even on a boat - from meat, seafood to Bananas!!

Criss-cross canals

Rows and rows of stalls selling overpriced and similar souvenir products on the left and right of the canals. The vendors used long poles to bring the boat to their stalls. These stalls are the latest add on that spoilt the originality of the floating market.

Too many independent operators of rowing boats ferrying tourists were competing space with the vendors in the narrow canals. The boats knocked against one another to pass through - very scary indeed. Obvious that safety vests are not common here. Though the water may be shallow, but nobody wanna fall into or get splashed by the stinking, dirty water.

The skill of manoeuvring and precision!

The gas tank doubled up as a backrest?

We paid 500 baht for a short boat ride - for the experience sake...

Even frying is possible!! There's really no limit to the food offered by the vendors.

Another famous Boat Noodle......

and the 2 pails of water are for washing all the dirty bowls and utensils. Warning - Not suitable for the faint-hearted.

Our all-time favourite sticky mango rice.

Forget about the hygiene and whatever, this is a Must-Have dessert.

Another Must-Have - the gluten-free coconut ice-cream with toppings placed in a coconut shell. We couldn't have enough of it!

Even our driver, P-Chai couldn't resist one!!

It's Not enough to be just spectators at the floating market. Be adventurous can be rewarding....

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