Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Outing with Tatana Roots - 6 Dec 2014

A heavy downpour in the early morning hours was definitely not the kind of weather anyone would want to go out and join a forest walk. If I had followed my instinct, I would have missed a great time with nature and friends at FRIM, Kepong. It's our first time joining Suzane from Tatana Roots for an outing. She's a great guide with young and old. We're so thankful the sun came out just as we're about to start hiking.

It didn't take long at all for the kids to warm up in the planted forest. Cos of the rain, the forest was cool though it was near noon time.

A slope to add some thrill, ooh and aah to the otherwise, easy trail.

Suzane could relate so well with kids too. She could pick up any creepy crawly on her hand and shared stories with the kids - at ease. She's actually holding a millipede on her hand and engaging the kids at the same time.

A leech on her palm!! Yucks. Most of us hate and run far from leeches. Suzane demonstrated to us that leech does not bite on our hands, only like those warm places in our body.

Biggest smiley face ever from the biggest seedpod!

Crown Shyness phenomenon from the Kapur tree. Try smelling any fresh leaf from the tree - it has a nice smell known as camphor, like the ointment.

It's a small group, and with very inquisitive kids.

After a short hike, we have another great time playing in the stream. Like the fact that it's unhurried and such simple, relaxing time catching fishes, shrimps, snails, tadpoles and water skaters.

So much noise and movement scared all the fishes away!!

A bountiful catch!! Suzane shared her knowledge with the kids.

Gross fungus beetles on huge bracket fungi. 

(From top left clockwise) A comparison of ghost fingers and ghost feet, Peacock fern with bluish leaves on one side so they could absorb as much sunlight as they could, different types of winged seeds from the hardwood trees and one of the hardest seedpods - the Brazil nut. There was a small opening, probably from a squirrel, and two tiny frogs inside! Besides the Brazil nut, we saw other seedpods in the forest - pinecone, wild saga, palm seed, etc and we've to identify where they came from? With a bunch of nature lovers, we saw much more than if we're to go on our own.

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  1. Hi there,
    I happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Thank you for the write up and it is heartwarming to know you and family enjoyed our walk.
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