Saturday, 31 December 2016

Creating special moments - 25-28 Aug 2016

Revisiting Penang after many years, with my family and my mom, my auntie, my brother and his son as well as my cousin from George Town. It's mainly a makan trip to taste the street food in Penang as well as to see the rapid changes in George Town, now a heritage city and a must-see for tourists. With such a big group, it's hard to visit many places. But it's a good experience to travel with families and spend time together. It's also the first time that my mom had seen the Penang Bridge, the last time she stepped on the island was 50 years ago! 

Pokemon Go craze sweeps Penang malls!

A stay at Lost Paradise Resort. It's not one of those 5-star luxury resorts, it's a hidden gem, quite strategic in between Tanjung Bungah and the famed Batu Feringhhi. The only downside is.. there's no beach. But it has a beautiful seafront and the whole place was designed uniquely - with colourful, wacky Balinese and Minangkabau architecture. We also enjoyed strolling in the lovely garden with exotic plants and tropical flowers surrounding the resort. 

From Lost Paradise to 'lost in crowds'! If you're not deterred by the heat, walking around the old streets in George Town was the best way to see Penang. But we have never ever managed to do it. The best we've done was walking at the fringe to sample some street food and see the heritage buildings. We learnt that if you see a queue to any shop or stall, you have to try it, and right away. Food gets sold out real fast!

One of the most enjoyable things to do was to spend time on the beach at Feringhhi. The waves were rougher and more fierce than usual. It's the first time for Onn, who grew up in London, to play in the warm sea and build sandcastles. It's true that the best things in life are free.

A brief pit stop at the food haven in Ipoh!

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