Saturday, 31 December 2016

Getting around Taipei like a local - Silas

Post by Silas
When you think of Taipei in December, you would think it will be cold and dull. Well, during the first few days in Taipei there was a cold snap that froze me beyond my limit (It wasn't really that cold, but I just do not like cold). After that, days were unusually hot for a winter (30°C!), which I found disturbing under my thick woolly jacket. 

Not to mention the language barriers as well. I had a bad experience, not able to communicate in Mandarin in Taipei... Luckily, my Dad did most of the talking so I just stood there nodding to every word he said.

Of all the places I've been so far, this is the most exciting and memorable trip I've ever had. Mostly because this is my first time in Taiwan, so seeing the extraordinary wonders of nature as well as the local life and culture of Taiwanese excites the senses of an adventurous traveller. 

The places I've been in Taipei are really outstanding, like the Yehliu Geopark... Could this be the mysterious Lilliput, of which Gulliver once travelled to? Could those candle-like rock formations be their fortresses?  And could the honey-comb structures possibly be their homes?

It's quite hard to think that these oddly shaped rocks are actually NOT man-made, but carved by the restless winds and mighty waves.
Go ahead! Make a wish and let the waves blow the candles out :)

The waves were kind enough to dig up fossils, save time for archaeologists. I wonder if any dinosaurs roamed over this part of Taiwan... 

To me, the Taroko National Park was the best of all. The whole place is actually a huge gorgeous gorge carved deep within the stratified marble mountains by the Liwu River.

The place is incredible, and the beauty of this place is stunning and eye-catching. Over there, we went on a trail to see the “water curtains”. The whole landscape inside the gorge is very panoramic and distinctively lively and colourful amongst the trees. And be sure to keep a keen eye for the colourful birds that lives near the Half a Million Seed of Hope Tree! The gorge is simply breathtaking.

JiuFen, a huge network of interconnected neighbourhood on a mountain that once held gold, where you can eat till you're stuffed while looking out to see the great Pacific Ocean. Try to avoid the peak hours though, and enjoy the delicacies there, such as the Taro ball, and the one-of-a-kind-Fishball.

Happy Birthday to you!! And if you're thinking what I'm thinking, you've guessed it right; It's a giant turnip cake (蘿蔔糕

A mass crowd gathering near a Christmas tree. It can only mean one thing. It's time for the Christmas Countdown Light Show!! It's really amazing to see the dazzling Tree standing tall and grand...

But not as grand and magnificent as one of the world's tallest building- Taipei 101!! It's so tall, you can't even see the highest point from the base. And if you'd think the exterior is striking enough, wait till you get inside and see the wonders. 

It was a wonderful experience being in Taipei. The service there is excellent and efficient, and so are the people and the punctual public transport. Not to mention the food as well!

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