Saturday, 31 December 2016

Getting around Taipei like a local - Jin

Posted by Xian Jin

What's better than adventuring and shopping in Malaysia? Doing that in Taiwan of course! We are blessed to have the opportunity to go there this year, and we had a truly wonderful experience. So, buckle your seat-belts, as I take you all on a journey to Taipei in my eyes...

Before this, I always thought that Taipei is just a modern city, where many people go to eat and shop. I realize that they are so much more. Taipei is also richly filled with history and culture, nature and animals!

Imagine you're standing in the middle of a huge maze, with walls that rise so high you can only see a strip of blue sky. Now, replace the walls with shops and stores, just rows and rows of them in every direction you go. The smell of fresh, hot food drifts into your nostrils... and you're in Jiufen! There are people all around you, hustling and bustling their way through.

No, they aren't live cats and ducks... they're ocarinas!! Who knows, if Pied-Piper used his to attract rats, maybe these could call up the...?

Public transport here are always on time, right to the second! It was so convenient to travel around Taiwan, from buses to trains and to taxis. Not to mention the spectacular view that we enjoyed as we traveled across the country.

No, those are NOT man-made rocks. The view of the sea and these rocks are just breathtaking. I could have stayed there the whole day, just hearing the waves smash the shore while I admire the different shades of brown and blue.  

Finally, the highlight of the trip: a visit to the Taroko National Park!! It was teeming with life, what with swallows swooping past above the magnificent river gorge. I fell in love with the place at once; so tranquil and serene.

A 1.6km trek led us to a hidden gem, with wasps and ants the guardians attempting to distract us away from it. We pushed on, and were rewarded with the remarkable beauty of the cascading waterfall. I was entranced by the view here - there will never be anything like it.

Yes, we can actually fly. Just kidding, the huge rock provided a beautiful backdrop for pictures. It's time to go back :'(

We had a great time in the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Park. A beautiful and quiet garden that surrounds the three huge buildings. We spent a long time here, just enjoying the time amongst tall trees and animals; and later on in the museum.

How can I write a blog post that does not have food? There is just simply a wiiiiiiddddeeee variety of food here, from the famous taro ball to ice-cream and yam. The possibilities are endless, and you can never really stay hungry here. Put together the super-efficient waiters and "Quality-Quantity" food, and you'll want to live here forever.  

To wrap it up, we watched the Christmas-themed light show, full of dazzling lights of a wonderful array of colours. It's been a terrific trip to Taipei, and I'll definitely return SOON. A memorable time is to say the least, as I enjoyed every single second of it (especially the part where we eat). 

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