Saturday, 31 December 2016

Roaring waves of Pacific - 15-22 Dec 2016

So much has been written about the natural beauty at Yehliu Geopark, Taipei. We're so mesmerised by the breaking waves hitting the shore, like an invisible artist at work in the Pacific Ocean.

 Shaping, sculturing the rock landscape at this amazing geopark.

All in waiting to capture the best moments of the roaring waves crashing into the "Sea Candles"

"I heard or seemed to hear the chiding Sea
Say, Pilgrim, why so late and slow to come?
Am I not always here, thy summer home?
Is not my voice thy music, morn and eve?
My breath thy healthful climate in the heats,
My touch thy antidote, my bay thy bath?
Was ever building like my terraces?
Was ever couch magnificent as mine?
Lie on the warm rock-ledges, and there learn
A little hut suffices like a town.
I make your sculptured architecture vain,
Vain beside mine. I drive my wedges home,
And carve the coastwise mountain into caves.
Lo! here is Rome and Nineveh and Thebes,
Karnak and Pyramid and Giant's Stairs
Half piled or prostrate; and my newest slab
Older than all thy race."
- Seashore by Ralph W.Emerson

A long, beautiful formation of "Tofu Rocks" showing us the 'frolic architecture' (borrowed from Ralph W.Emerson) of the waves.

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