Saturday, 31 December 2016

Getting around Taipei like a local - Brandon

Posted by Brandon:

My family and I went on real thrilling adventure to Taipei. Taipei was a remarkable city. It had cars, trains, taxis, vans and other vehicles to be at your service when you want to travel around. The weather was extremely cold on the first few days we arrived. 

We went to various places in Taipei. Like the Chiang-Kai-Shek Memorial Park, a VAST place were you could relax in the park. The hospitality and service there was excellent. Their cleanliness was also good and wherever you go, you wouldn't find a bit of rubbish. I think Taipei is a place where you can relax and play sports where ever you want. 

Taipei's exotic food is a must eat. Sausages, noodles, taro balls, paus and any other food you can think of can be eaten there. My favourite food or snack was the famous black pearls, a edible chewy pearl-like ball. Most of the places we went was just to enjoy and savour the food. Like the Raohe St. Night market, where we where introduced to the delicious jelly and Pau. We also went to Jiufen, a small busy hill, where I first tasted the black pearl. We also bought most of our Christmas presents there.

Taipei's nature is very beautiful. There is not one place where you cannot see plants and trees. There are always birds, animals,trees and nature surrounding you. We went to Yeliu Park, a place where you can find sculptures formed by the waves, tides and currents of the Pacific Ocean. It is like an invincible sculptor shaping the rocks. We also went to Taroko Gorge, a gorgeous gorge located deep in the mountains. The currents was very fast. It was amazing to know that a river actually cut through the mountains to form a gorge! It was truly a marvellous experience!

I felt doleful when it was time to leave Taipei, but I knew I will certainly visit this place again when I grow up.

A Yehliu's rock replica ?

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