Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Restaurant Like No Other - 1 Dec 2013

Dining at Yumin New Village Seafood Restaurant ('Yumin Xincun Jiudian') at Panyu is definitely an experience to feast your eyes and whet your appetite. This must be one of the biggest restaurants in the world. 

The restaurant is within a 5-storey complex, has huge dining areas in the ground floor and hundreds of private dining rooms in the upper levels. Have the ability to serve up to 4,000 people. 

 There will be an attendant assigned to you, who will show you around the place and take your orders, while you just walk from one end of the building to the other. It has an open kitchen concept with a wide range of dishes on display, so no worries if you don't understand any Chinese. 

A very good opportunity to see 1st-hand the wide variety of live seafood, poultry, fresh vegetables and fruits, dim sum, dessert, local snacks, roast meat - and absolutely anything you cannot even imagine - snakes, crocodiles, beetles - in an area so huge like walking in a zoo rather than choosing your dinner.

We went there twice, first for the experience, 2nd for the mouth-watering egg tarts made to perfection!! They're better than those in Guangzhou and even Macau.

Yumin should be blacklisted as a result of the recent ban on shark fins in China for official banquets!

Even have a collection of luxury cars and motorbikes in the foyer!

Service is good, fast, clean but a bit more pricey (stay away from exotic seafood and it will not burn a hole in your pocket). This dining experience is indeed a true reflection of the modern China's extravagance and the spirit of outdoing the world - it applies to everything in China, ie. the biggest, largest, tallest, longest and all the superlatives....

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