Thursday, 5 December 2013

On Cloud Nine - 26 Nov 2013

Planning for our overseas travel could be stressful. Especially when travelling with two kids and a teenager. Before the start of the school holidays, we made sure Jin's passport was renewed to avoid over-crowding at the immigration department. We've to apply for the Chinese visas too. This was a tricky time to pack cos it's at the end of autumn. When we checked the weather forecast in Guangzhou, it's between 18C-22C, so we only brought along our light jackets. Amidst the excitement and last minute research on the places of interests, I've even forgotten to pack some essential medications for my kids!! That's life.

Checking out at the flight info board before our family vacation to Guangzhou & Hong Kong.

Relaxing at the MAS regional lounge before boarding

Kids are such curious creatures at this age. Travelling with them surely enriches our travel experience. It's harder to miss out on things when you travel with kids as they need to stop, find a washroom, stretch their legs and do unexpected things every now and then. A good piece of advice that we keep in mind when on vacation is to be flexible and gather as much good memories together.  

It's hard to imagine there're things we might take for granted and not even note in our travel journal - which is a shame, cos those are things that make for great memories later on...

Brandon: "Adorable like white candy floss"

Jin: "Like snowy surface, uneven and vast"

Inside the thick, grayish cumulus clouds - often the first signs of weather changes...

Wei: "Drifting clouds like flocks of sheep in the air"

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