Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Flying on the A380 Super Jumbo - 4 Dec 2013

The boys have so much fun this holiday and felt sad to leave Hong Kong, their fantasyland... They're in for another surprise cos we saved the best experience for last!

We got upgraded to Business Class, thanks to MAS Enrich points, and would fly on one of the six Airbus A380 of MAS fleet!

At The Bridge, Cathay Pacific's newest airport lounge. Designed by Foster & Partners, it has a more residential design with the aim of making passengers feel almost at home b4 their flight.

More importantly, this was the place to get a cup of freshly brewed coffee to unwind and reflect on the trip b4 we go back to reality.

Boys were cool on board the A380 Upper Deck! The whole Business class was on the upper deck. Super Jumbo was a fitting name with its space and comfort and 500+ seat capacity. 

Brandon didn't hide his excitement that the tv screen was huge, and the fact he could watch the takeoff and landing from his seat! When the aircraft sped up for takeoff, the runway looked like it's extended to the sea. 

It was a much smoother, stable and quiet flight home....

One of the perks for the ex-HK flight was the Chef-on-Call menu where we could pre-order our meals b4 the flight. This was Brandon's Pan Fried Halibut with Mango Salsa. 

I didn't think food was so important to the boys than fiddling with the inflight entertainment!

We've a really awesome flight experience. Seeing the excitement in the boys, the inflight supervisor showed the boys the cockpit where the pilots sleep! This was truly saving the best for Last!

Home Sweet Home. 
We missed our new friends from Guangzhou and HongKong. A BIG hug to those that have gone out of their ways to make our holidays such a memorable and magical one!! Thank you.

The family that plays together, stays together. More than having fun, more than the new experiences. Making time for one another is not always like in a fairytale. It's hard work - listen and work together, value one another instead of hurt each other, and even when we fail to support one another, we're still family - 'don't give up on our family'.

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