Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Holiday DIY Projects - Cooking

 The holidays are a time of fun and activities, but with all the festivities, it can also create stress. Everyone seems to be running in different directions this holiday season. Cooking with the kids is a simple way to spend some time together and step away from the hectic season. Even with boys, they can benefit from learning some skills that will help them in life.  

Trying out the tangyuan at the Chinese Winter Solstice festival. 

It's a Chinese dessert made from glutinous rice flour. The boys have to roll them into balls before cooking.

Jin has a first time experience cooking dinner for the family on 30/12/2013. He has a tough time deciding on the menu. When he finally has the menu, the next challenge was to meet a budget of RM50. He has to do without the grilled chicken. A good hands on experience for him to create his own grocery shopping list and plan for a dinner for 6 people.

Preparation gotta start way before the actual cooking. From grocery shopping, cleaning, freezing and thawing and later marinating the chicken - there's no last minute prep boy!! He learnt to think a few steps ahead - just like chess....

He chose some expensive and not-in-season fruits like avocado and mango. Choosing the fruits and cutting them did not come easy. Despite claims from the vendor, the mango was toooooo sour!

 Preparing for salad and dressing was the easiest part!

Last minute check to the recipe instructions - was this not a bit too late? There's no 'Undo' key!!

An act of brotherly love - Brandon helping to set the table!

And now, dinner is served - roast chicken along with grilled vege and salad with avocado, mango and raisins.

We love the dessert most - 'vanilla ice-cream sandwich'! He saved some money cos the ice-cream was homemade by a kind auntie.

Now you see it, now it's gone! 
Jin went thru an intense period for this experience, and I'm sure he would remember the whole process. Unlike helping in food prep, he felt the responsibility to complete the whole dinner from scratch. Thank you Jin!!

The other boys also have their share of experience in food prep. Brandon was helping Auntie Mei Peng to sift the flour for the blueberry shortbread in Bukit Tinggi...

Helping kakak to wrap the wantan dumplings...

BBQ @ Bukit Tinggi on Christmas Eve

Now the fire is kindled.... the challenge is to maintain the zeal and passion!!

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